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Hedge School
Artistry- Imagination- Community
Tickets Available Here
Doolin 26th-28th January 2024

Schedule and bios - unreleased


Hedge School is a place of imagination. We invite you to imagine Doolin in January. Imagine a magical setting for unique collaborations and intimate encounters between artist and audience, master & student.


Hedge School 2023 will be an eclectic mix of some Ireland’s greatest innovators performing, sharing, and collaborating across a vista of artistic disciplines. Imagine the critically acclaimed Katie Kim with her full band including members of Lankum performing songs from her new album, Branwen of Rufus Nightjar performing a specially commissioned ritual celebrating the passing of the season from The Cailleach to the Goddess Brigid, the ever-inspiring Manchán McCann performing with a live collective, boutique guitar pedal-makers from around the world showing off their fancy wares, workshops in Letterpress printing from The Gentian Press, workshops on building instruments from junk, on making your own synthesiser. Imagine Ireland’ s best music film-makers sharing their secrets, Tube TV video wall installations, a pop-up record shop, a Magik class from writer David Keenan, an open mic, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Sunday Mass. Did we mention dancing, imagine lots of dancing.


Hedge School is a not-for-profit, artist-run festival fully self-funded by Doolin Arts. We get particularly excited about and are keen to support artistic practices that have absolutely no commercial merit.

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